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EMZ AESTHETICS signature brand of eyelash adhesive/eyelash glue.


**Please note this product may only be purchased and used by trained, qualified beauty therapist's or professionals**


Why is this glue loved by many?

- Suitable for classic, hybrid, and Russian volume lash extensions

- Fast-drying (perfect for highly experienced lash artists who tend to work quite quickly)

- Longer-lasting compared to other generic brands due to its special formulation of ingredients

- Hypoallergenic

- Paraben-free

- Water-resistant

- Heat-resistant

- Not tested on animals


Product Details

Colour: Clear
Curing Time: 0.5 - 1 Second

Viscosity: Thin
Ideal Humidity: 40 – 70%
Ideal Temperature: 18-24 Degrees Celsius

Weight: 3ml


Our adhesive is triple purified which gives it a longer shelf life and fewer impurities. Once opened use within 6 weeks. Always make sure to securely fasten the lid back on after useage. Keep at room temperature.


When first bottled by the manufacturer, our adhesives have a 9-month unopened shelf life (if stored correctly). Once opened, the adhesive will have a 6-week shelf life. Lash adhesives need to be handled with care, so you’ll need to store your adhesive upright, in an airtight container to ensure longevity. We recommend renewing your adhesive (whether it is opened or unopened within 6 weeks). All our adhesives have the same shelf life. 

EMZ Eyelash Extensions Adhesive

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