Hyaluron Pen - Masterclass


Course Information

(No needle filler masterclass lips, cheek, tear trough, nasalfolds, frown etc)

A hyaluron pen (often called hyapen) is a device used as an alternative method to apply mesotherapy, fat dissolve & dermal fillers.

This course will teach you how to apply dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) without the use of traditional needles.

You will be shown how to add volume to the lips and reduce wrinkles around the lips (marionette lines) vermillion border, nasal folds with other facial areas.

We will also explain how you can use it for mesotherapy and fat dissolve.

Once on the course, you will firstly learn the depth theory covering e.g. the relevant anatomy (muscles, arteries etc) skin types, contraindications, health and safety, what equipment is required and much more. After covering the theory, you'll do the practical on your model with a tutor led demonstration.

DID YOU KNOW? This treatment is a painless procedure.

*Note: the hyaluron pen will not provide very large lips (only a modest enlargement). For large lips, we would recommend the needle method.

Small teaching groups with a maximum of three students for theory, and one-to-one practical training.

Full insurance information and referrals provided.

Fully accredited by CPD.

Advice given to those wishing to become self-employed.

You do not need any experience to complete this course under new insurance rules.

We will provide you with an insurance company upon course completion.

This course will require a model.

If you cannot bring your own and would like us to attempt to find you them please request this at time of booking, however you should note that this is not guaranteed.

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