Frequently asked questions

Where are the products being shipped from?

The products are being shipped from England.

How long will my delivery be?

Delivery is usually around 3-5 working business days

What attire do I require when attending a course?

Please wear suitable clothing when attending our courses. For example, a plain, black tunic if you are an existing therapist/practitioner. Or, as simple as a black shirt and trousers. We insist you wear closed-toe footwear, for health and safety reasons. Please do not attend wearing heels.

How long is the duration of the courses?

The courses we provide start from as little as 3 hours, with more advanced courses taking up to a few months to complete. Everyone learns at different speeds, with some faster than others, so we try our best to cater our courses to suit you.

What do I do if I have any following questions after the course?

If you have any further questions about anything following the course, feel free to contact us by email : We believe that learning has no time limit, therefore we provide our students with ongoing support even after completion of the course.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes, we work with a few accreditation teams, such as, ABT, The Guild, and CPD. We also work closely with other insurance providers, that will insure you after your course with us.

How many students are there per course?

We only teach a maximum of 3 students, as we have discovered over the years students learn better this way. We also offer 1-1 training.