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Mentorship Programme




6 months

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About the Course

This course is a 6 month course, consisting of 24 sessions.

Course Structure

Our CEO Emma will visit your place on occasions to get an insight into how you run your business.

Put together a detailed business plan :individual goal/plan/structure.

Give lots of knowledge/ insights to how emma conducts her businesses to earn 6 figures.

On occasions you will be coming to us, with her visiting you also.

You will have a weekly meeting or infrastructure.

Emma will be showing you everything she knows and discussing the ins and outs of everything.

Therefore a data protection form must be signed.

Mentoring someone is a fulfilling experience that involves guiding, supporting, and sharing knowledge with others.

Some of what is covered includes:

  • Setting Clear Goals:

  • Define realistic and achievable goals together.

  • Provide Guidance:

  • Share experience, expertise, and knowledge to help grow your business

  • We will Provide constructive feedback to help you improve and learn.

  • Encourage Growth Support you in exploring new ideas and skills. Ask emma any questions you have.

  • Listen Actively

  • Be a good listener and understand your needs and challenges, sometimes you just need to share areas you struggle with and u need a mentor to help you get to where you need to be.

  • Emma will

     be supportive, offer encouragement and motivation during setbacks.

  • Celebrate Success - Acknowledge and celebrate achievements, no matter how small.

Remember, mentoring is a two-way street that benefits both parties. It's about fostering growth, learning, and development in a supportive environment.

To build a 6-figure business, it requires a strategic approach and consistent effort.

  • Business Plan - Create a detailed business plan outlining your goals, target audience, products or services, revenue streams, and marketing strategies.

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Marketing and Branding Develop a strong branding

  • Customer Focus

  • Financial Management

  • Scaling Strategies

  • Networking

  • Dos and don’ts  

We cannot write everything in here as its a unique package put together but the mentoring is done by Emma herself.

By following her steps and staying committed to your business goals, you can work towards building a successful 6-figure business with Emma's help.

When Emma is on a mission to do something she gets it done.

She likes challenges and helping people succeed. She has multiple businesses that earns her 7 figures.

From product brands, to property, academy’s, salons, sunbeds, surgery, dentistry and more she has it so can help you.

She will share everything she knows all her tricks of the trade as they say.

So what ever you need help with im confident this will be a good investment.

Remember knowledge is forever. So once this package is done it will help you in other businesses you may set up.

The program is £1000

Once a week

Done over 24 week period.

Or alternatively if you cannot commit to once a week

you can have daily check ins / messages via WhatsApp

Educators Teaching This Course:

Emma Marriott

Emma Marriott

Emma has been teaching for 17 years and has trained thousands of people in the UK as well as internationally.
She has won many awards and is part-owner of another academy that was one of the first schools in Nottinghamshire to offer training in aesthetics for non-medics!
Emma has been doing beauty since the age of 16 so she has many, many years’ worth of knowledge to pass on.
Emma has also been nursing for years until she decided to give that up recently due to focusing on building the EMZ brand.
Emma is the founder of our 9 franchise branches and owns a medical device company in which she sells high quality, medical grade machines.
Emma specialises in Botox, Dermal Fillers, PDO Threads, and advanced electrolysis.
One of her favourite things to teach is Botox or anything that involves a needle really.
Fun Facts: Emma loves eating cakes. Did you know Emma has 6 children and has over 10 businesses! She is an amazing entrepreneur, and we don’t know where she finds the time!

Emma Marriott

Emma Marriott

Emma Marriott

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