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Course Information

Our Phlebotomy Training Course is for both medics and non-medics. The Phlebotomy qualification could take you down a new career path as a Phlebotomist or give you the ability to further your current career in nursing, healthcare or aesthetics.

The general course content for this course is as follows:

• The course is 1-1 training

• 50% theory & 50% practical

• History of the treatment

• Benefits of the treatment

• Anatomy of the skin

• Client consents and identification

• How to identify correct veins

• Injection sites,no zone areas

• Anatomy & Physiology of the arm areas

• Contraindications & contraactions

• Basic first aid

• Infection control

• Laws and legislations

• Knowing different types of blood samples that can be taken

• Product/ equipment Information

• Patient care during and after procedure

• Sharps injurys/preventions/clinical waste


A phlebotomist is a qualified professional  trained to draw/extract and prepare blood for medical testing, transfusions or donation.

Course entery Requirements

Suitable Healthcare Practitioners, wanting to carry this this procedure out in a healthcare setting.

alternatively, you must be or hold one of the following :

- Level 3 beauty therapist

- SPMU and A&P  (with 6 months practitioner experience in this area.)

- Previously completed a Fast-Track to Aesthetics , also accepted with  (6 months experience in the fast track areas.)

- Medic, pharmacist or equivalent.