Course Information

Scelotherapy is a very successful treatment for removing thread veins and spider veins in the legs. Thread veins or spider veins are superficial blood vessels under the skin, often red or blue in colour and are often seen in clusters and sometimes mistaken for a bruise. Both men and women are affected by these but predominantly women.

These can be caused by many factors such as:

- Hereditary

- Extremes of temperature

- Trauma

- Pregnancy

- Standing on your feet for long periods of time

Course Content

- Learn how to incorporate scelotherapy into practice

- Add sclerotherapy skills to your existing practice.

- Be aware of the importance of different Sclerotherapy treatments. 

- Discuss the various protocols that are used to treat veins in the legs using sclerotherapy, injections. 

- Learn about the various warning before treatment is done

- Treatment of spider veins and reticular veins with sclerotherapy